Friday, April 10, 2009

Our Makeup, Photographer, Hair post :) Know anyone good!?

Hey guys!
Its sneaking up on us and its time to get some details finalized... The budget is tight but PLEASE email all inquires to All offers will be considered...
What are we looking for in an email: Your portfolio... some photos... some experience, etc. The normal info... also, your rates...

The Wedding is July 18th @ 7pm. We will OBVIOUSLY need you here before then... Photographer... I would say between 4 & 5pm? To get photos of us getting ready... You will be bouncing between two rooms @ the W... during that... then some wedding party photos before the wedding... the ceremony... wedding party complete after the wedding... and reception photos as well... All the normal wedding goodness smile Think of it... were @ the W!!! The FOSHAY! This is a huge experience for you as well. Not to mention some AWESOME shots at the tip top of the building, the Prohibition bar... etc. Any discount you would give would be MUCH appreciated... lets team up and get some great shots... we are also going to try to get the photos in The Knot Magazine, and then if all goes well... we will use you for our "Trash the Dress" shoot after the honeymoon smile Which is gunna be WAY fun...

Hair: For me (shoulder length) and my flower girl (shoulder length) Very basic... straight swiped bangs... curly/wavy and classic with a punky twist. Id love to see/hear your ideas smile

Maybe something a little funkier than this... but not much :)

Makeup: For me and my 4 girls... so 5 of us total.. OUR makeup... they are getting smokey eye gift sets from Glittersniffer. MANDY! I know you read this... DO NOT click this link... haha … d=21516985
and then will bring their own preference for base and mascara. So, I mainly need you to create the perfect smokey eye smile Wedding is @ 7pm so I would need you around 5pm in order for us all to get done and have an hour or so for photos before the wedding.

Pay: Please email us with your rates for each thing... We are offering an advertising swap as well. WE would totally exchange a blog review and advertisment on the blog (here) in exchange for a discount. And obviously it would be more than one as more photos would be posted after as well... As I said email here:

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