Friday, March 27, 2009

Oh the suspense!!

You guys hanging on there?
Cuz let me tell ya...
we got ALLLL sorts of Jaw dropping stuff in the works...
and of course... all handmade. 
With your help, were gunna make it happen...
were gunna support handmade, support, diy...
and in turn... support our plummeting economy by supporting jobs in the US!!!!!!

My Bridesmaid Mandy has been an AWSOME help already and offered to screen ALL of our invites... *handmade* We are ALSO working to make them ECO-FRIENDLY! The Paper Source here in MPLS offers a new line of Recycled red paper... PERFECT!

We got ORGANIC candles in the works... swirled with black and red from my girl Nina over at DreamyPleasures.  (

I got my buddy Glamasaurus on etsy (
coming up with ideas for a super rad necklace for me, and possibly the girls...

I found an awesome seller on etsy ExQuisiteInVitation...
shes making us 100+ Damask mint books... for our candy stash... *handmade*

We have an idea for super huge wineglasses to hold the candy stash for the loose candy :)
Which I will of course decorte... *diy*

Chocolate Skeleton lollipops from JustBakin on etsy *handmade*

PLUS, My engagement ring came from Shade Jewelry on etsy... and so will our bands!

did I mention our graphic is being designed by our tattoo artist, Garrett!?
Two kissing skele.... nah, nevermind youll just have to wait and see!

Ya know, on that note... im just gunna stop there...
all this stuff is in the works and no photos yet... but i promise... soon enough!
Just hang in there!!

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